What is TMEC

The mission of the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council is to promote the development of a sustainable exploration mining, industrial and manufacturing sector which operates within community expectations.

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The Council is the representative organisation for the exploration, mining and mineral processing and energy intensive manufacturing sectors, along with companies and individuals in the associated supply chains.

TMEC represents the largest industries in Tasmania – including all of the large mining companies, the key downstream processors such as Bell Bay Aluminium, Temco, Nyrstar and Norske Skog, and diverse industrials such as the Elphinstone Group and Simplot. The great majority of these companies are regionally based rather than capital city centric, and accordingly provide considerable value to the regional areas in which they operate.

TMEC represents the views of the industry on a range of issues to Government - State and Federal, NGOs and the public.

The Council is administered by a board of members, drawn in proportion from the various membership categories. There are also a number of standing committees which attend to strategic priorities such as land access, efficient approvals process, energy, occupational health and safety, sustainable development, emergency response, community engagement and freight.

The minerals and mineral processing industry in Tasmania has a number of focus areas. These are:

  • Land access
  • Efficient approvals processes
  • Cost Efficient Energy GBE’s
  • Occupational Health and safety – Legislation/ Regulations
  • Environmental performance and sustainability
  • Emergency Response
  • Community engagement/ Communications
  • Freight