2018 Tassie’s Better With Balance: The Event Course

The eight participants will cover more than 1000kms across Tasmania starting in George Town and finishing in Hobart seven days later.

2018 Tassie’s Better With Balance


Day One: George Town to Sisters Beach. Kayak, cycle, trail run, cycle with an interim transport leg.

Day Two: Sisters Beach to Corina. Trail run, cycle, trail run with transport leg from Rocky Cape to Marrawah.

Day Three: Corina to Rosebery. Cycle, kayak, cycle with transport leg from Rosebery to Strahan.

Day Four: Strahan to Queenstown. Kayak, trail run, cycle.

Day Five: Queenstown to Mount Rufus. Cycle, trail run with transport leg from Mount Rufus to Miena.

Day Six: Miena to New Norfolk (or Gretna). Kayak, cycle.

Day Seven: New Norfolk to Hobart (course finish). Kayak and cycle, with interim transport leg to Melrose.

Follow the progress of Tassie’s Better with Balance on the TMEC Facebook page for daily updates and images.

Note: the course is subject to change based on daily weather conditions and safety assessments.