TMEC's CEO on iron ore: ABC Tas Radio reports

Wayne Bould, CEO of the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council said Tasmania export around 3 million tonnes of magnetite iron ore.

Mr Bould believes an inquiry into iron ore production in Australia wouldn’t hurt.  He said it is a finite resource and if we have a good look at it and understand what it is all about that’s OK and then if we find some issues that’s OK too.

The Chinese market operates very well with Australia and there is some Chinese government influence on how things are done.  There is a great oversupply in the market and China winding back its national production. 

Mr Bould said there are a group of mines in WA that all have issues regarding logistics. 

When asked what the Minerals Council expect from the state budget Wayne Bould said basics like energy prices and the ability to get mining projects up that follow the rules and are viable.