TMEC Media Release welcomes the China Free Trade Agreement

China Free Trade Agreement will provide a boost for the mining and minerals industry

The Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council is confident that the free trade deal signed with China will benefit the State’s mining, minerals and processing industries.

 The Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council’s CEO, Wayne Bould, said that the agreement ensures the removal over time of Chinese tariffs on resources such as nickel, zinc, aluminium and alumina; as well as a moratorium on the imposition of any tariffs on iron ore.

“This free trade agreement will impact many of Tasmania’s bigger businesses for the better and it may open up new markets or access to new customers for Tasmania miners and processors.

 “It is essential for the state’s economy that big Tasmanian businesses with ageing infrastructure remain competitive on the international market until new ventures are brought on line  to replace their contribution to the State’s economy and job market.”

Mr Bould was hopeful that the agreement will strengthen financing opportunities for the current group of miners on the cusp of bringing their projects to fruition, such as Avebury Nickel Mine, King Island Scheelite and Stellar Resources, providing jobs on Tasmania’s West Coast and King Island.

“This new trading deal with China is very welcome and it can only help our industry,” Mr Bould said.