TMEC Media Release: Support of the Protest Bill

The Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council congratulate the State Government on following through on their pre-election commitment with the Workplaces (Protection From Protesters) Bill 2014.

The CEO of the Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council, Jeremy Kouw, said it is completely appropriate that there are meaningful penalties for individuals that invade workplaces.

"Not only do protestors put themselves at great personal risk they risk the safety of the employees who are trying to go about their normal work. They also create a deliberate disruption of a workplace which harms the financial outcomes of the business. "

"This law is not about stopping people protesting peacefully. It is about stopping a vocal minority who think they are above the law and have a misguided belief that it is their right to deliberately disrupt a workplace, with no regard to the safety or the financial risks to the business."

"It is for those reasons that we welcome this new bill to minimise any work safety risks and to allow hard working people to go on with their business."