TMEC Media Release: State Liberal energy policy

The Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council believes a State Liberal energy policy released today is a breakthrough for both business and the community.

The Liberals will establish an Energy Working Group comprising leading industry and senior government representatives as well as other key stakeholders, including consumer representatives. The purpose of the group will be to assist the government develop a comprehensive State Energy Strategy. The key objective of the Strategy will be to identify ways in which energy can once again be utilised as an economic driver including by securing a stable and sustainable price path for power that can provide relief to consumers and help grow the economy and attract new investment.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals and Energy Council Terry Long said today punitive energy price rises in the past five or six years have disadvantaged both households and business.

He said much of the price increase had been for transmission, rather than generation.

Tasmania has a high percentage of households on fixed incomes and our businesses are largely exporters so neither has any escape from the charges.

Mr Long said he expects the State Labor Party will also be considering this fundamental matter and may also have a game-changing energy policy.