TMEC Media Release: Federal Court Case

Media Statement by Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council's CEO - Terry Long

Even though the Tarkine National Coalition have lost the case, they have still managed to delay the project and frustrate the company for months, at great cost.

In addition, they have prevented the small and medium businesses which would have been working on the project since early last summer from doing so.

I note that costs have been awarded against the TNC and expect they will be substantial - in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, the significant damage to the company and Tasmania's economy has been the frustration and long delay in starting the project, which had been approved by all of the relevant agencies.

The Federal Government should now consider amending the legislation, to preclude ideological cases in the Federal Court in future. It is not reasonable that Bob Brown and Scott Jordan can cause such financial damage to a company simply because they don't like a project.