Mayor says mining is still vital on Tasmania's West Coast

Mining provides the backbone of employment on the West Coast, Mayor Phil Vickers says in his report in today’s Advocate.

Mt Lyell
Miners Siding, Queenstown
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In today’s Advocate, West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers refers to Adam Brooks MP and his Economic Working Group findings last week:

In the West Coast municipality 39 % of direct jobs are in the mining industry and 15 % in tourism*.

That reflects one job in two and a vast proportion of the remainder support those two industries.

“In normal terms this is extraordinary and not reflected in any other local government division in Tasmania,” Mayor Vickers says.  The Mayor goes on to say:

“The challenge seen by some is to look to alternatives and move away from the mainstay of mining.

“I think we should strengthen the mainstays mining and tourism and at the same time pursue new developments.

“We live in one of the most mineralised land zones in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful.

“The Working Groups report will provide a good base of information in the formation of the council’s strategic plan.”

 *The Economic Working Group’s report included statistics sourced from the West Coast Place Based Workforce Report June 2014 commissioned by the Department of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations and the Cradle Coast Authority.