Save The Tarkine face hefty bill after group rolled in court: The Advocate reports

Save The Tarkine's court battle against West Coast mining hopeful Venture Minerals' Riley mine plan is over, with the environmental group now facing a hefty court costs bill.

The federal and state governments and Venture are all expected to pursue legal costs from Save the Tarkine, which could lead to a bill in the order of $200,000 or more. That would potentially put the group out of business.

Save the Tarkine campaign co-ordinator Scott Jordan yesterday confirmed the group would not take its fight against approval of Venture's Riley iron ore mine, near Tullah, to the High Court.

The group was rolled in the Federal Court on the matter and appealed, to be rolled again in June by the Full Court of the Federal Court.

Asked about the potential costs, Mr Jordan said: "All those matters are still to play out."

"We're yet to see what the quantum is and what gets pursued and what doesn't; it's all a bit unknown at the moment."

It is understood the group has potential to challenge a costs bill if it believes it is unreasonable.

The group also faces a threat from the Abbott government through an inquiry over the tax deductibility of donations to environmental groups which Liberals argue use their cash for political activism, legal challenges and to try to stop business development, rather than on practical environmental improvements.

Riley remains on hold.

The legal challenges delayed it until the point iron ore prices had collapsed, making it uneconomic to mine.