Mineral Resources Tasmania

Mineral Resources Tasmania is the Tasmanian Government agency responsible for supervising the mining industry including managing Exploration Licences and Mine Leases through a formal public process, and for acquiring and maintaining geoscientific data that is used as a basis for land use decisions. MRT aims to provide the best possible regulatory and geoscientific information for attracting mineral exploration and mining investment in Tasmania. This information is provided through the comprehensive MRT website: www.mrt.tas.gov.au

All the mines currently in operation in Tasmania are due to mine out their current ore body within the next ten or fifteen years. New ore bodies need to be found now, because it takes five to ten years to progress from discovery, through development to the opening of a new mine.

In Tasmania more than a billion dollars is returned to the State annually as a result of mining and minerals processing activity. Exploration and the discovery of new ore bodies is therefore crucial to ensuring continued of economic prosperity.

The Minerals and Energy Council works with MRT to initiate government-funded programs aiming to encourage explorers to consider Tasmania as a worthwhile mining proposition.

The Western Tasmanian Geoscience initiative is a recently completed 3-year Tasmanian Government funded program to improve the geological understanding of western Tasmania and to stimulate mineral exploration activity in the region by the provision of new geoscientific information. Geoscience projects included:

  • Geological mapping of the Waratah, Luina, Bluff and Sundown areas
  • LiDAR survey of Luina
  • Airborne geophysics at Mole Creek and a gravity survey of north west Tasmania
  • SHRIMP and TIMS U-Pb zircon
  • 3D Geological modelling of central north and western Tasmania

TIGER (Tasmanian Information on Geoscience and Exploration Resources) is Tasmania's geological and mineral exploration knowledge base and is a major component of the MRT website at www.mrt.tas.gov.au

TIGER enables you to -
View and download technical reports and documents
Query databases on a range of geoscientific and tenement information
Search and browse information with interactive maps
Download data sets in commonly used file formats
Use online services e.g. applying for a mineral exploration licence.

TIGER is an archive of historical information for -
Mineral tenements
Reports on mineral exploration and other geoscientific studies
Exploration drilling and drill core library contents
Geohazard assessments and maps

Mineral resource descriptions
the physical properties of Bedrock and soils

The Core Library
The MRT drill core library holds almost 700km of rock-core samples that have been collected chiefly from mineral exploration and State Government drilling over the past 70 years. Studying the core samples provides critical information for mineral explorers and investors on prospective areas, and is essential before undertaking further drilling. For example, the Henty Gold Mine in Western Tasmania was discovered through the investigation of gold bearing core that had been drilled many years previously.
The core library also hosts the MRT HyLogger, leading edge technology that scans drill core with high resolution infra-red radiation to reveal the subtle changes in mineralogy that signal possible nearby undetected ore deposits.
For information about the core library go to www.mrt.tas.gov.au