CAT centre achieves top safety record: The Advocate reports

Congratulations to Caterpillar Underground Mining in Burnie for achieving 10 years with no lost time due to injury.

RECORD RUN: Building D at Caterpillar's Wivenhoe distribution centre has achieved 10 years without lost time due to injury. Picture: Grant Wells.

CATERPILLAR Underground Mining's impeccable record for safety in the workplace was celebrated yesterday as building D in Burnie notched up 10 years with no lost time due to injury.

Building D is part of CAT's distribution centre and the employees and managers have been proactive about safety, which has led to the decade-long run.

CAT managing director Dan Barich said it was a fantastic achievement for all involved.

"I think it comes down to everyone at all levels embracing the changes made to safety over the years," he said.

"We as managers set the expectations for safety, but the credit must go to the boots on the ground here."

Logistic section manager Nick Bartlett has been part of Building D after CAT took over from Elphinstone.

"Right from when CAT took over in 2005, safety was a big priority and it has certainly changed over the years," Mr Bartlett said.

"Even just high-vis clothing has been a big improvement in our warehouse, especially as there is a lot of blind spots."

CAT management believes building D is just one of two CAT facilities globally to have recorded 10 years with no lost time to injury.

Employees were presented with a shirt and a plaque to commemorate the milestone, while a banner will be hung in the warehouse.